Tuesday, 22 October 2013



  Each of these posts will showcase Peter Waite's reply
  to an e-mail from me.  At this time, I only plan to 
  include one of my e-mails.  Most posts will include an
  intro of some sort.

  I especially remember one anecdote Dr. Waite told
  our class.  Sometime during the war, he received a
  promotion.  One day, aboard the corvette [ I think
  he was sweeping], when the captain joined the
  crew and said, "Boys, we have an officer among us!"
  It took a moment for Peter to realize that the
  captain was talking about him. :)

  Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 8:04 PM

  Dear Dan,

  In the corvette mess deck -- I was an A.B.
 (Able Seaman) before becoming an officer - I was
  indeed called "professor", the reason being that I
  had a curiosity about Ancient Greek and brought a
  grammar aboard to study it.  However, I can say I
  would have known what "emeritus" meant having
  had 3 years of Latin in Saint John High School,

  As for the Ottawa of today, can I quote Cicero
 (I think), "O tempora, O mores!"
                "Oh the times, oh the manners!"


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