Tuesday, 5 November 2013



    On Halloween night, I was glad to find a treat in my
  inbox:  Details from Dr. Waite, pertaining to his 
  decision to change universities [as a student] in 1947.

  Fundamentally, it was the narrow focus of history at
  U. of T.  I'd read an article in Maclean's about 
  Larry Mackenzie, UBC's recently appointed (1944)
  President, a Nova Scotian, and I quite liked the cut
  of his jib. (We later met and still later I published his
  biography, "Lord of Point Grey".  He offered me free
  use of his papers, a huge run in the UBC Archives.)

  I found U of T History too narrowly political:  I wanted
  history to comprehend wars, politics of course, but
  literature, architecture, art, religion, 
  economics - everything.  I didn't quite find it at UBC
  but it was better than U of T.  The real answer was
  the Ph.D. programme back at U of T and still more
  George Wilson under whose auspices I came to 
  Dalhousie in 1951.  He took in everything; his mind
  was massive and his memory equal to it.  I thought
  he was marvellous.  I still do.



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