Tuesday, 19 November 2013


  Dr. Waite always wore what appeared to be a long,
  black cape over his suit.  So, on that very first day
  of class, noisy, excited students became a little
  less noisy as their attention was drawn to the rather
  distinguished looking professor who stood before 
  them.  At first, he did not make eye contact.  He just
  seemed to be a bit preoccupied.

  Dear Dan,

  My black gown was an MA gown, but worn commonly
  by older professors when I came to Dal in 1951.  It
  was already starting to go out of fashion, but I ignored
  the trend, believing that students from high school,
  seeing it, would grasp immediately that university
  was a different world, and they would therefore 
  realize that really independent work was now expected
  of them.  When I was in an English school 1933-1934,
  roughly our Grade 8 but with French and Latin, all
  the masters but one wore the same black gown as we
  did later on at Dalhousie.

 The style is positively ancient, at least mediaeval.


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