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    Thu, Sept 12, 2013 at 6:07 PM

   Dear Dan,

   How delightful that you have followed up Janie Carton!
   You and I are rivals; I rather took to her myself.  As for
   RB's replies if I had seen any I would certainly have
   included something of them.  As it is, all I have is her
   memory of his reply, " Be sure and come again when
   you can't stay quite so long! "  I knew nothing of her
   later career.  But I know nothing about Google-ing
   either.  But I have two talented daughters so your
   suggestion will be followed up.  I'm fond of children's
   books.  I have a good collection in both languages of
   Tin-tin.  I did a lot of reading with the girls at bedtime,
   ending up with Dickens.  We were ruthless about TV
   selection, but the 1969 moon walk was certainly an
   exception as were several BBC things on PBS.

          And many thanks for your most
          cherishable letter.



   Maybe Dr. Waite is new to GOOGLE-ling, BUT...he
   certainly is an authority on the traditional methods
   of academic research.  The above photo shows an
   item that may not be familiar to young students of
  today:  a card from a library's card catalogue!
  [No, I didn't steal it. :)  On the contrary, I saved it
   from a most undignified fate - a pile of these cards
   was offered up by a library, as scrap paper for the
   library's patrons.]

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