Friday, 13 December 2013


  Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 8:22 PM

  Hello, Peter!!

  Fascinating story about that tradition.  You were right
  about the effect.  I remember how the class became a
  bit more quiet, when you strode in without saying a
  word.  You looked stern, but, of course, we soon found
  out that you were anything but - your open, 
  approachable personality quickly became evident.
  [I suspect that the stern  look, was simply a byproduct
  of an early morning class, after a whole summer of
  waking up - whenever!]

  Charlton Heston.  That was my first impression, when I
  saw your profile, as you waited for the class to become
  silent.  A resemblance which came to mind, since
  MIDWAY had been in movie theatres just 6 years before.

  Jane Carton...besides RB, my favorite character in your
  book.  She was a bit of a flirt, but I sense that beneath
  this casual demeanour was a sensitive, intuitive woman.
  I'm sure that RB enjoyed her letters, BUT - I noticed
  that you did not include any of his responses!  [I hope
  they did not end up among the trees near UNB!]

  I heard her voice...on the internet...Jane Carton's.  I
  wanted to learn more about this very charming woman,
  so I went looking.  Maybe you know that her kids spent
  the war years in Ottawa.

  Just google the following, using quotation marks:

  "60 Going On 16:  Polly Carton's Garland"

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